23 Mar 2015
March 23, 2015


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2017.09.21-20 | Yahia Shawkat participated at the Infrastructure and the Making of Urban Space conference at the ZMO in Berlin

2017.06.23-20 | Omnia Khalil takes part in the International Meeting on Law and Society 2017 in Mexico City

2015.11.23 | In OpenDemocracy, Yahia Shawkat writes a brief history of Government failure to upgrade informal settlements in Egypt

2015.10.28 | Yahia Shawkat writes The Donkey Cart Journal for Mada Masr

2015.09.11 | Yahia Shawkat with SERI’s Lauren Royston on how The idea of new cities [in South Africa] may be folly

2015.08.13 | Omnia Khalil writes for Assafir Alarabi, Self-Built Housing and not Slums.

2015.07.27 | 10 Tooba teamwork presented in Megawra, Ramlet Bulaq: Scenarios of Urban and Social Transformations.

2015.07.09 | Parallel Urban Practice in Egypt report presented at the Egypt Urban Forum last month is now online on our website

2015.07.06 | Omnia Khalil writes for Mada Masr, About Societal and Urban Violence; The People of the City in Ramlet Bulaq.

2015.06.06 | Yahia Shawkat writes for Heinrich Boell on how New Cities in Egypt are unsustainable

2015.05.17 | Yahia Shawkat will give the presentation “The Vacancy Syndrome: Why are millions of homes empty in Egypt, and can they help the housing crisis?” at NVIC on Thursday May 21st

2015.05.15 | Omnia Khalil presents at the Theory and Practice in the Humanities and Social Sciences Workshop at The American University in Cairo

2015.05.10 | 10 Tooba invites you to its work shop at Megawra on using the Built Environment Archive

2015.05.05 | Yahia Shawkat writes about Egypt’s Deregulated Property Market: A Crisis of Affordability in MEI

2015.04.15 | Omnia Khalil’s essay on The Every Day in Ramlat Bulaq is out in MERIP Issue 274 Visions

2015.03.22 | Mada Masr interviews Yahia Shawkat on Egypt’s new capital